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The learning opportunities on this page are a collection of resources from the worlds most respected experts in air pollution and health. If you engage with these resources you will know more about the link between air pollution and health than the average doctor!

C Arden Pope - Particulates and Health -
Professor C Arden Pope is one of the most respected researchers into the relationship between particulates and health, he was lead author on co-author on several landmark studies such as: An association between air pollution and mortality in six US cities (New England Journal of Medicine, 1993), Lung cancer, cardiopulmonary mortality, and long-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution (JAMA, 2002)to name just two. These two videos provide an excellent summary of particulate impacts on health. Professor Pope has been either first or second author of the 9 most frequently cited articles on the relationship between particulates and health outcomes.

Professor Mukesh Sharma'a Air Pollution Course
This course is a university level course of over 30 lectures on Youtube that covers air pollution chemistry, atmospheric science, air pollution and health, sources and dynamics of air pollution and air pollution control. The early lectures are a great introduction to the basic science even for a lay audience and the later lectures provide higher level content for those with an academic interest. There are over 30 lectures. The entire play list is here. Particularly recommended are Lecture 4: types of air pollution, Lecture 5:Measurement units and particulate classification, Lecture 13 & 14 on Air pollution and health, Lecture 16: Sources of air pollution.

For statisticians and epidemiologists - Francesca Dominici and statistics of air pollution and health
Francesca Dominici has published widely in this area and provides an excellent lecture that highlights the difficulties and challenges of investigating the relationship between air pollution and health. Dominici addresses the need to account for confounding by weather, seasonality, other pollutants and long term trends. She also explores the impact of the different components of particulate emissions.

The powerpoint presentation and the accompanying mp3 audio is available here

Dominici air pollution
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